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Asian Bridal

The main wedding day consist of the traditional Indian ceremony which is always held in the morning and brides are up quite early. This is to ensure all the rituals are carried out.


Hindu Wedding 

For a Hindu wedding, there are three main events usually over three days, starting with the Mehndi or henna function. Close female relatives and friends are invited to this function where elegant mendhi designs are created on to the bride’s hands and feet as well as the attending guests.

The following evening is the Sangeet or night full of music, where either a professional performer is invited to sing or there are dance performances by various members of the bride and groom's friends and families. This would be followed by a meal or snacks.

The next and final day is the wedding itself which commences with the arrival of the groom and his family and guests to the wedding venue. He is welcomed by the bride’s family and the bride and groom exchange garlands. The morning ceremony itself is conducted by a priest in a traditional Mandap with four pillars. The priest reads out prayers, the parents give the bride away to the groom followed by the bride and groom go around a central fire four or seven times. They take seven steps together with vows to support each other in their married life. The ceremony lasts about an hour and can be much longer if they opt for the traditional wedding prayers from the priest. 

After the morning religious ceremony there is usually lunch or snacks served to the guests. The reception generally is held on the same day in the after or the next evening with lots of dancing and enjoyment. 

Sikh Weddings

Sikh weddings usually start in the morning with the meeting and greeting of the two families. During the wedding ceremony - Anand Karaj (blissful union) – the person officiating the wedding reads four stanzas from the Sikh holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib. After each stanza, the couple walk round the Guru Granth Sahib.


At the end of the ceremony, food is served either at the Gurdwara (all vegetarian) or at a hotel or other suitable venue. A reception at such a venue will end up with lots of dancing with amazing bhangra dance moves – they know how to dance!

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